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5 things to consider before having hair extensions applied!

When it comes to our hair we all want that perfect, flawless, princess style but do you REALLY think about where the hair comes from when you have your hair extensions applied? I’m sure you are aware of how big of an investment hair extension’s really are, but do you really consider the pro’s and con’s before asking your stylist to apply them? I think not…

I have been in the industry a long time and believe me when I say, I have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly when it comes to hair extensions! Once I spent an entire day untangling a girl’s hair because her stylist refused to remove her extensions or do maintenance and her entire head was completely matted together!! I only said I would help because I didn’t want her leaving the salon after saying she was going to shave it all off!

I am going to give you 5 pointers on what to consider before getting hair extensions, ESPECIALLY if you are considering them for the first time!

1. Consider your lifestyle

Quite often I have come across women who want hair extensions but don’t consider their lifestyle. Whether you are a busy mum or you are busy at work you need to consider if you are going to have time to style your hair and maintain your hair extensions according to the correct aftercare advice provided by your stylist. I for one am guilty of just throwing my hair up in a messy bun when I’m on the move but realistically you need to be washing, blow-drying and styling them correctly. We lose up to 150 hairs naturally per day and when that hair is trapped in your bonds the heat from your scalp can make them fuse together which creates matting so it is very important to take the time to separate your bonds and dry them correctly! It is good to plait your hair extensions before bed. If you have a resin in your hair as opposed to Italian keratin glue, then you also need to consider if you are using sunbeds or the gym or if you go swimming. The sweat from your scalp or the chlorine from a swimming pool can break down a resin bond and cause a lot of shedding and by shedding I mean hair in your food, on your clothes, in your car or around your house… It gets EVERYWHERE so try and keep it in your bonds for as long as possible! If you suffer from female pattern baldness or alopecia I would recommend investing your money in to something that is more beneficial for your hair like going to speak to a trichologist who may be able to do some tests to get to the root cause of the problem and possibly recommend a solution or treatment.

2. Be sure to get a fully trained hairdresser to match your colour

Hair extensions should always look natural, being off even slightly will always show that dreaded line at the back of your head! The most accurate way to colour match is to match the colours with the ends of the first layer, not the roots, and go with the colours that blend in with the tones of your hair.

3. Splash out on quality

Synthetic hair extensions are the most affordable, but they tangle easily and have a high shine, which makes them look unnatural. Non-virgin hair means it has been processed, either dyed or treated to change its original texture, not a great option to be honest because it is more damaged! Virgin hair on the other hand has not been processed or coloured and is in the purest form. Remy extensions are the highest quality. They are the closest to your real hair, so they will hold styles and texture the same way and won’t shed as much as the cheaper options. The key to having natural-looking hair extensions is to make sure that the hair cuticles are all facing the same way to prevent tangles and matting.

4. Return for your maintenance

I can’t stress enough how important your maintenance appointments are! I always recommend that my clients return every 8 weeks, I only use the best quality of hair for my clients meaning that when they return for maintenance I am able to remove the hair, untangle any matted bits and re-apply the extensions using the same hair. This method makes it more cost effective for the client in the long run due to not having to constantly buy new hair at hundreds of pounds! Always ensure to follow the aftercare guidelines provided by your stylist!

5. Know when to give your hair a break

Hair extensions can be addictive, once we have those lovely, long princessy locks it becomes hard to let go! When people say that hair extensions damage your hair, that’s because they weren’t professionally applied or removed! You need to know when to allow your hair to have a break, you can’t take hair extensions that were meant to be in for three months and wear them for six months with no maintenance! Another way to avoid damage is making sure they are not too heavy. You need to ensure that your bonds are being done weight for weight ratio because if it weighs down your hair too much, eventually your hair is going to be pulled out. Hair extensions should never fall out and they should never cause pain. You shouldn’t be able to feel them at all, but if you do, return to your stylist to make sure they have been applied correctly.

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