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Are you new to hair extensions? Not sure what brand or method to go with?

With so many hair extension brands and methods on the market it is totally normal to get confused about what method is going to be the right one for you. Hair extensions can be costly so it is important to ensure that you choose the best brand and method before you proceed.

First and foremost, always ensure that your stylist is certified in hair extensions, only then can they determine whether you are a suitable client for hair extensions or not. It is very important to check this before committing to a hair extension service to avoid any damage or hair loss. For example, certain lifestyles might not be suitable for some of the methods. Ask your stylist what methods will suit your lifestyle.

Things to consider:

Budget - It is important to discuss your budget with your stylist before having hair extensions applied! This saves any awkwardness down the line and will give your stylist a better idea as to what you are looking for.

Condition of your own hair - The condition of your own hair needs to be considered before applying hair extensions. If hair is damaged or over processed then hair extensions might not be the best option for you. Health issues can also affect the condition of your hair especially if you are taking regular medication. A lot of medication side affects can cause receding hair, the last thing you want to do is add any extra weight that speeds up the hair loss process. Tell your stylist what medication you are on before you proceed with hair extensions.

Hair type and texture - If your hair is naturally quite thin or thick then certain methods can be applied to ensure that your hair extensions are weight for weight ratio throughout to ensure that there is no unwanted irritation on the scalp due to unnecessary tension from over sized bonds!

Also, the hair type and texture of the hair extensions is very important. I prefer to use hair that is donated ethically and cut straight from the donor! The brand of the hair is not the important part, it's the overall quality and where it comes from that will determine weather or not your hair extensions last or not. After all, there are some companies that sell hair cut from a donor ethically or there are the other companies who scoop up the remaining hair from the floor, pull it through a drawing matt, process it and sell it on! That hair is the non cuticle correct hair that tangles when you try and wash it! Just because it says on the pack that it is real human hair does not mean that it is cuticle correct, think about it! Do your research before you pay for it!

Consultation - At your consultation you should never be afraid to ask your stylist a lot of questions. Some of my clients apologise for asking too many questions but that is partly what your consultation is for. Ask as many questions as you like, it helps give you a better understanding about what you are going to be paying for, meaning that you and your stylist are of the same understanding about what is expected.

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